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Yuj, Let's Stay Connected!

Hey there, welcome to my first-ever blog post! I have to admit, I'm more of a chatterbox than a wordsmith, so putting this together was quite the challenge. I might have done a bit of procrastinating too – oops! But, you know, as a yoga teacher, I'm all about pushing boundaries, and guess what? The first rule is to 'walk the talk,' so here I am, giving it a shot 😄.

Why am I diving into the world of blogging, you ask? Well, it's mainly because I want to keep my family, friends, and anyone else who's interested in the loop even when I'm miles away. Speaking of which, the butterflies are kicking in big time. In just two weeks, I'm off to Essaouira, Morocco, for a cool three months. Packing, goodbyes, parties, you name it – these weeks are jam-packed. Oh, and before I forget, I'm wrapping up my gig at Botanic Sanctuary, where I'll be back next summer to teach yoga.

So, what's on my mind? Surfing lessons, strolling through colorful souks, and most importantly, diving into the local yoga scene. How awesome is it that 'yoga' comes from 'Yuj' in Sanskrit, which means connecting? Yep, you guessed it – writing this blog is a bit like practicing yoga. Let's stick together on this adventure, shall we?

Stay curious,



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