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Yoga Instructor, Travel Guide & Foodie

Welcome to Yogavibe. I'm Charlotte Schoeters, born in Antwerp, Belgium—certified yoga instructor since 2015 and your guide to an extraordinary wellness journey. With a diverse repertoire of yoga styles and the honor of teaching in some of the world's most exquisite locations—from world-renowned hotels to the tropical jungles of Thailand—I strive to offer more than just a yoga session; I provide a holistic experience designed to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your soul.

Leveraging my background as a former tour guide with industry leaders like Thomas Cook and TuiFly, I marry my love for yoga with my appetite for adventure. Yogavibe isn't just about practicing yoga; it's about immersive experiences that blend local culture, nutritious cuisine, and mindful moments of yoga and meditation. 


At Yogavibe we aim to cultivate an atmosphere that feels like a slice of paradise on Earth. A sanctuary where you can unplug from the daily grind and recharge every facet of your being—mind, body, and soul.

So why wait? Dive into our upcoming adventures and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Your path to holistic wellness is just a click away.




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