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From Airbnb Misfortune to Moroccan Magic: Our Latest Yoga Retreat in Essaouira

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while, hasn't it? Time for an update on our latest chapter in Essaouira. The journey started on a high note—comfortable flight and a peaceful drive from Marrakech. But, as life teaches us, not everything goes as planned.

Our Airbnb was a big letdown. Picture it: dim lighting, worn-out furniture, and noise that made counting sheep an Olympic sport. So, we ran away 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💨

We found a sanctuary at Domaine de L'arganeraie, a hotel out in the countryside which finally gave us peace of mind. It felt like the universe was giving us a do-over. A huge shoutout to Franky & Carole for their incredible hospitality.

Fast forward to the arrival of our group of eight yogis. The moment they stepped out of the taxi, the energy was spot-on. We kicked things off with a tour of the house, a palate-pleasing Moroccan lunch, and our first yoga session/welcome ceremony.

The week was rich with activities, from horseback riding and surfing to hiking and cooking classes. A special moment was our guided tour of the medina, finished off with a sunset rooftop dinner. Trust me, it was as magical as it sounds.

The group was a delightful mix of yoga newcomers and seasoned pros, and the chemistry was instant, friendships have been made for life!

I’m thrilled to say the retreat was a success, evidenced by the glowing reviews you can read at We're already gearing up for the next adventures in Phuket, Thailand. For the inside scoop, head over to and subscribe to our newsletter.

Take care and talk soon,


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